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Entry permit to visit Hong Kong


Hong Kong has a unique historical background and its visa policy and conditions reflect that. Hong Kong Visitor Visas are available for most nationalities, however, there are visa exemptions and the visa-free conditions vary between countries. In order to obtain a Hong Kong visa, travellers must first find out if they need a visa to enter Hong Kong.

For tourism purposes, there are about 170 countries and territories that have a visa-free agreement with Hong Kong, with stays that range between 7 to 180 days. The length of stay is determined by the government of Hong Kong and it varies greatly between countries. For instance, British citizens can travel to Hong Kong visa free and stay in HKSRA for up to 180 days.

Citizens of several countries must obtain a visa to enter Hong Kong at an embassy or consulate. All nationalities must have a valid passport upon arrival in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Visa Types

Visit visa Hong Kong

Visitor Visa Exemptions

There are many countries that are exempt from applying for Hong Kong Visa. The length of stay varies between countries. Citizens of the United Kingdom and Macau can travel to Hong Kong visa-free and stay for a period of up to 180 days.

All European Union citizens, with the exception of British citizens, can stay in Hong Kong for 90 days visa-free. For stays longer than the 90-day period, they should apply for a Hong Kong visitor visa at an embassy or consulate.

There are 23 countries that can enter Hong Kong without a visa, and are granted a 30-day stay upon arrival. Furthermore, there are 35 nations that can travel visa-free to Hong Kong and stay for up to 14 days. Citizens of East Timor can travel to the HKSAR visa-free and are granted a maximum stay of 7 days.

The visa-free agreement allows visitors in Hong Kong to participate in business related activities such as concluding contracts, submitting tenders, examining or supervising the installation/packaging of good or equipment, and business meetings. However, visitors in Hong Kong cannot take up employment or study in the HKSAR.

Citizens of these countriesare not required to have a visa to transit in Hong Kong, as long as they remain within the airport transit area. For the countries listed above, it is mandatory to have a visa to enter Hong Kong.

There’s a Hong Kong visitor visa available online for Indian citizens, the PAR. Launched early in 2017, citizens of India can obtain the Hong Kong PAR by completing an online form. This Hong Kong visitor visa grants Indian nationals a stay of 14 days in the HKSAR.

Visa Required

Some countries are required to obtain a Hong Kong visitor visa to travel to the HKSAR and enter the region. Stateless document holders and nationals of the following nations must apply for a visa or an entry permit:

ArmeniaLebanonSolomon IslandsAzerbaijan

Transit visa Required

Besides visitor visas for Hong Kong citizens of some countries are required to have a Hong Kong transit visa, even if they are to remain within the airport transit section.

AfghanistanDR CongoIraqSierra Leone
AngolaEritreaIvory CoastSomalia
BangladeshEthiopiaLiberiaSouth Sudan
CameroonGhanaNepalSri Lanka
Central African RepublicGuinea BissauNorth KoreaTogo
Pakistani citizens, holders of a regular passport, must have a visa of any type in order to enter Hong Kong, including transit airside. However, there’s one exception. A traveller that holds a Pakistani passport is not required to apply for a visa if they are to remain in the airport transit area and their flight departs within 12 hours. They must also hold a valid residence permit or visa issued by one of these countries: Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, a Schengen member nation, Canada, the UK, or the U.S.

Pakistanis who wish to visit Hong Kong or will be in transit in this region are required to obtain a tourist visa or a transit visa.