Do You Need a Visa to Visit Hong Kong from Taiwan?

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Hong Kong has its own immigration policy which is independent of mainland China. There are special rules for Taiwanese citizens who do not live in Hong Kong and whether they need a visa depends on the length of time they wish to visit and what documentation they have.

Taiwanese citizens who have Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents can enter Hong Kong for periods of up to 30 days without obtaining a visa. Taiwanese passport holders, who do not have a mainland Travel Permit, can apply for a Hong Kong PAR and also enter for up to 30 days.

Some passport-holders can enter Hong Kong from Taiwan without any form of visa. There are 170 nationalities who can enter for periods between 7 and 180 days visa-free. This includes citizens from the US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, and all EU countries.

The periods of stay are defined by the agreements between the Government of Hong Kong and those of other countries. Travelers going to Hong Kong from Taiwan need a visa to enter if they are not eligible for visa-free entry.

Entering Hong Kong from Taiwan with the PAR

Taiwanese passport-holders are eligible to apply for the Hong Kong PAR. It allows stays of up to 30 days and the online registration is quick and straightforward. Unlike conventional visas, there is no need to visit an embassy or consulate to complete the application.

Once the application has been completed and approved, the PAR is sent to the applicant by email. It is necessary to print a copy of the PAR to present at the Hong Kong border. Applications are often processed within 48 hours but it is advised to apply at least a couple of weeks before entering Hong Kong.

Hong Kong PARs for Taiwanese citizens are valid for 2-month periods and allow 2 entries into Hong Kong. It is necessary to keep a copy of the PAR with you at all times during the stay and it is required to present the PAR on leaving Hong Kong.

An Immigration Department spokesman said, “Pre-arrival Registration is an additional facilitation measure on top of the existing entry arrangements for Taiwan residents for visiting Hong Kong. We believe it will further enhance convenience for Taiwan visitors and contribute to Hong Kong-Taiwan exchanges.”

How to Apply for a Hong Kong PAR for Taiwanese Citizens

To apply for the PAR, it is necessary to complete the online Hong Kong PAR application form. The form only takes a matter of minutes to complete and applicants just need to answer a series of basic questions.

The required information includes the applicant’s personal details (name, address, date of birth etc.), passport details (including the number and expiry date), and travel plans. It is important to ensure all the information is entered accurately and fully to avoid any potential delays in the process.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Hong Kong PAR for Taiwanese citizens?

To be eligible for the PAR for Hong Kong, citizens of Taiwan just need to have a valid Taiwanese passport. Citizens who possess a mainland Travel Permit can enter Hong Kong for up to 30 days by just presenting the passport and their permit.

Citizens of the Republic of China (ROC) who have the right of abode are also eligible for the Hong Kong PAR as long as they meet the following conditions:

  • Must be born in Taiwan or born outside of Taiwan but have been admitted into Hong Kong as a Taiwan resident.
  • Must not be in possession of any travel document issued by other countries or regions (except the Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents and the Entry Permit issued by the Immigration Department of Hong Kong).

ROC citizens who do not have the right of abode in Taiwan are not eligible for the Hong Kong PAR. Instead they need to obtain a HKSAR Entry Permit from a Chinese diplomatic mission.

Do Taiwanese Citizens Need a Visa for Long Stays in Hong Kong?

Yes. Taiwanese citizens, whether entering with a travel permit or the PAR, can only stay in Hong Kong for up to 30 days. For longer periods, for whatever purpose, it is necessary to obtain a visa.

There are various types of visas including work visas which can be obtained from the Hong Kong Immigration Department. The visa requirements depend on the reason for the long stay.