Traveling to Hong Kong for the First Time

traveling to hong kong for the first time

Travel to Hong Kong to experience a metropolitan rush of gourmet perfection and legendary skyline, combined with the exotic nature waiting on the outskirts of the city.

Explore the wild animals and verdant forestry surrounding or take a trip on the Star Ferry to experience Hong Kong on a warm summer’s night. If you’re planning a Hong Kong trip and want to know more about when to go, entry requirements for tourism and travel advice, check out the following Hong Kong travel tips.

Things to Know Before Your Trip to Hong Kong

Before planning when to travel to Hong Kong and booking your trip, remember that this area of Asia sees typhoons and other types of meteorological extremes during certain times of year. For Hong Kong, typhoon season generally tends to be from April to October. Planning your Hong Kong trip for October to December or during spring time in March and April is advisable as temperatures are pleasant, yet not stifling, and you also avoid typhoon season by traveling during these periods.

It is recommended that travelers visiting Hong Kong take sufficient precautions to avoid mosquito bites, as mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue fever can occur throughout the whole year. Make sure you have travel health insurance when traveling, as costs of medical attendance or treatment may be much higher than expected. The emergency number in Hong Kong is 999.

Law and order in Hong Kong is mainly based on UK law. However, there are certain elements of the law that differ from UK law. For example, in Hong Kong you can be given fines on the spot for littering or spitting. There is also a zero tolerance rule for anyone traveling on the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) without a ticket.

Crime in Hong Kong is statistically low compared with other countries in the world. Travelers should take care of their possessions when traveling and are advised to be careful when in crowded areas. While it is not a major problem in Hong Kong, pickpocketing can happen in touristic areas and visitors in country parks are advised to stick to the paths and trails.

Necessary Documents for Traveling to Hong Kong

hong kong par requirements

Depending where you are from, you may need a visa in order to be able to visit Hong Kong. For example, traveling Hong Kong from India requires a visa. However, this only applies to those with Indian citizenship and not to those traveling Hong Kong from India with other citizenship.

There are many countries that don’t require a visa to enter Hong Kong, although this depends on the duration of your stay. Visa-free entry can be granted for period of 7 to 180 days which means that visiting Hong Kong for over a week may require a visa for some.

An example of countries that require a Hong Kong visa are: Armenia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Moldova, Nigeria and Pakistan. You can consult more countries that need a Hong Kong visa here.

Since January 2017, Indian citizens have been required to apply for a PAR (pre-arrival registration) prior to traveling to Hong Kong. It is no longer possible for Indians to obtain a visa on arrival in Hong Kong. You can apply for the PAR online by filling in and sending off the online application form.

application form.