Transit Visa Hong Kong

Obtain a Transit Visa for Hong Kong

Hong Kong, officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, has remained an autonomous territory and has different migration regulations than Mainland China. Citizens of some countries and territories are expected to obtain a Hong Kong Transit Visa at an embassy or consulate.

Nationals of the following countries must obtain a Transit Visa for Hong Kong, even if they are to remain at the airport transit area.

AfghanistanDR CongoIraqSierra Leone
AngolaEritreaIvory CoastSomalia
BangladeshEthiopiaLiberiaSouth Sudan
CameroonGhanaNepalSri Lanka
Central African RepublicGuinea BissauNorth KoreaTogo


Basic Entry Requirement for All Foreign Visitors

Hong Kong has a series of entry requirements that apply for all foreigners who wish to enter the HKSAR. If you are an Indian passport holder it is not required to obtain a transit visa. In case Indian travellers want to visit the country they can apply here. The main requirement for all travellers is:

  • A passport with at least one month validity beyond the date of their intended stay.
  • All foreign visitors must also complete the immigration card on arrival

The below are eligibility criteria that may not be asked of all foreigners but may favorably affect the visa application:

  • The applicant shows proof of sufficient funds for their stay, without working while in Hong Kong
  • The applicant has no serious criminal records and is not considered a security risk
  • The applicant has an onward or return ticket or other travel arrangements.

Many travellers from western countries might not be checked for compliance for the last three requirements mentioned above. However, all travellers are subject to checks by Hong Kong immigration officials.

How Long Does the Transit Visa Take?

Once the application for a visit/transit visa has been lodged, it takes up to 4 weeks for the authorities to process it. The Immigration Department will not be able to approve your visa until it’s completed in all of its parts and all the necessary supporting documents have been attached.

Unless the normal processing time has already passed, applicants are advised not to contact the Immgration Department as this may delay their application review.