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Hong Kong Entry Requirements

Citizens of about 170 countries and territories can travel to Hong Kong without applying for a visa. Some travellers are required to obtain a visa for Hong Kong and they can do so by completing an application and submitting it at their nearest Chinese consulate or embassy.

Even though Honk Kong is now part of the People’s Republic of China, the region has kept their immigration control and regulations. Citizens who wish to visit Mainland China must apply for the respective visa or entry permit and abide to the Chinese government regulations.


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Do I need a visa to visit Hong Kong?

Most tourists are not required to apply for a visa to visit Hong Kong. Upon arrival, visitors are expected to complete a landing slip and will have their passport or official travel document stamped. Conditions and limits of stay in Hong Kong will be included in the landing slip.

While there are citizens of 170 countries that can travel to Hong Kong visa-free, there are countries whose citizens are required to obtain a visa to enter the HKSAR. Citizens of the following countries should apply for a Hong Kong visitor visa with their valid passport and additional documentation determined by the government of Hong Kong.



ArmeniaLebanonSolomon IslandsAzerbaijan


Hong Kong Entry Requirements

Hong Kong has maintained an open immigration regime and travellers from all parts of the world are welcomed. The principal entry requirement to enter Hong Kong is to have a valid passport when traveling under the visa-free scheme.

Upon arrival, the passport should be valid at least one month after the period of stay in Hong Kong. Travellers are also advised to carry their passport at all times during their stay. It is the only form of identification accepted by the Hong Kong Police.

Travellers who must obtain a visa to Hong Kong, must demonstrate that they’re good abiding citizens and that they have sufficient funds to support their trip. Travellers who have a valid visa to visit Hong Kong should present their passport and visa upon arrival.

Indian citizens are expected to obtain the Hong Kong PAR and must present a printed copy of it before departing to Hong Kong. During their stay in Hong Kong, Indian citizens must always carry a copy of their PAR.

Citizens of some countries might be required to obtain a Hong Kong Transit visa, even if they are going to remain in the HKSAR for a few hours.