PAR for Hong Kong: Questions of Validity

PAR for Hong Kong: Questions of Validity

The PAR (Pre-arrival Registration) for Hong Kong is the essential document needed by Indian citizens traveling to the Special Administrative Region of China.

Given the importance of this document, it is understandable that many people have questions concerning PAR validity.

This article provides all the answers, from how long the Pre-arrival Registration lasts to how long you can stay in Hong Kong with a PAR notification slip.

How Long Is the PAR Valid for?

Pre-arrival Registration for Indian nationals visiting Hong Kong is valid for a period of 6 months. This means that visitors can apply for the PAR months in advance of their planned trip to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).

The PAR is connected to the traveler’s passport electronically. This means the PAR is only valid for the passport registered in the Hong Kong PAR application. Therefore, the visitor must present this passport when going through HKSAR border control.

Any inconsistency in the data between the Indian passport and the PAR notification slip will make the registration invalid and can lead the visitor to be refused entry to Hong Kong, whether at the land border or at Hong Kong International Airport.

How to Check a PAR Notification Slip Is Still Valid

The validity of a “Notification Slip for Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals” can easily be checked by looking at the date of expiry on the slip itself.

If you do not have the printed notification slip to hand or have misplaced it, it is also possible to check online or on the Hong Kong Immigration Department Mobile App. The notification slip can also be re-printed.

How Many Times Can You Enter Hong Kong During the Period of PAR Validity?

While the traveler’s PAR is valid, they are permitted to enter the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region visa-free multiple times.

Each time they enter Hong Kong, the visitor must present a valid Pre-arrival Registration notification slip at the point of entry to the region. They must also be carrying the valid Indian passport that they used in their application because this passport is electronically linked to the approved PAR.

How Long Can I Stay in Hong Kong with a Valid PAR?

An Indian citizen visiting Hong Kong with a valid PAR is permitted to stay in the HKSAR for a maximum of 14 days. After this time, they must leave the region.

However, as long as their PAR is still valid, they may re-enter Hong Kong multiple times until the 6-month legality runs out. Each time they visit the HKSAR, they can stay for up to 14 days.

Once the validity of the Hong Kong PAR expires, they will have to apply for a new one in order to be able to return to the territory.

Can I Reapply for a New PAR if My Current One Is Valid?

Travelers with valid PARs cannot apply for a new one until the previous registration has expired.

Even if your current PAR is about to expire, the application will not be accepted as the system will show you are already registered.

Once it is no longer valid, the individual can reapply.

I Have Renewed My Indian Passport But My PAR Is Linked to My Old One

Travelers whose PAR is still in date can generally not apply for another. The exception is people who have a new passport.

Pre-arrival Registration is linked to the passport that was registered in the initial application. In the following circumstances, that passport might become invalid:

  • The passport has expired
  • The passport holder’s personal details have changed, e.g. legal change of name
  • The passport has been reported lost, damaged, or stolen

In these cases, the individual can apply for a new Indian passport to replace the old one. This new passport will not be electronically linked to their previous PAR.

These individuals will be able to reapply for a new PAR using their new passport. They must do this if they wish to travel to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Can I Enter Hong Kong on the Last Valid Day of My PAR?

It is possible (but not guaranteed) that a visitor will be allowed to enter the HKSAR on the last day that his or her PAR is recognized. As long as normal immigration requirements are met, travelers may be permitted to enter the region.

The traveler would then be allowed to stay in Hong Kong for the full 14 days, even if this means that the PAR will have expired when they leave the territory.