Need-to-Know Facts About Hong Kong for Indian Tourists

know facts about hong kong for indian tourists

Hong Kong is another world for many and is also one of the top business centers for finance and technological advance. Indian tourists traveling to Hong Kong will, of course, have a fantastic time in this exotic urban jungle but may experience difficulty or unexpected situations when it comes to everyday activities. Ordering vegetarian food, specific Hong Kong laws or other practical advice for visiting Hong Kong is listed below.

Luggage in Hong Kong

Lugging your bags around with you can be crossed off the list thanks to baggage lockers that are available in many places in Hong Kong. Official baggage lockers in public establishments such as airports and tourist offices are trustworthy and an easier way of traveling.

Indian tourists visiting Hong Kong can take a day-trip to the Big Buddha as it is much closer to the airport than the center of Hong Kong. There are baggage lockers just Terminal 2 that can be used. It is recommendable to do this day trip upon arrival in Hong Kong, as opposed to at the end of the trip.

If you wish to do any shopping on arrival, there are shops that sell footwear, leather bags, and more at fantastic prices in the village nearby Big Buddha.

Hong Kong Food

As expected when visiting another country, the cuisine will be different to that of your native country. Given that many Indians do not eat certain meat or are vegetarians, it could be difficult to find vegetarian food, particularly in more remote areas. You can find bakeries with delicious treats for snacks and in more tourist areas or the center of Hong Kong, it should be more simple to find vegetarian options.

Be aware that some vegetarian food may taste different to what you are used to. Remember to always carry snacks that can be bought at supermarkets and to keep hydrated during warm or humid weather.

Tourist Attractions and Sites in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a list of things you are able to experience on holidays.

At Disneyland, you may find that the rides are limited. The best advice is to visit with an open mind and keep your expectations low to avoid disappointment. A day trip should be plenty to explore and children aged between 7-12 years old will especially love this part of the vacation in Hong Kong. You may find that Ocean Park has better games and rides for children.

Reasonable shopping prices can depend on the location in Hong Kong, as well as the shop. The Cityplaza at TaiKoo MTR Station has shops with reasonable prices. Furthermore, there are other MTR stations that will give visitors good value for money. You can also shop at Citygate outlets, as well as a supermarket outlet called Tastes.

Other tourist attractions include the spectacular light show on the Avenue of Stars promenade. There is also a Ladies’ Market near Mongkok Station which stretches at least one kilometer displaying bargains and other interesting goods.

Getting Around Hong Kong

Travelers can opt for the Octopus Card which can saves visitors money as well as the hassle of buying multiple tickets. You can purchase this card at the airport upon arrival, recharge it, and also return it when leaving from the airport.

Those traveling with luggage may prefer to get a taxi to the airport in Hong Kong. The prices are fair (always check the approximate price before agreeing) and can save the stress of traveling on public transport with multiple bags and suitcases. Public transport is a possibility for those traveling. However, it should be beared in mind that there are escalators. crowds, long walks for changes between some stations, and even stairs.

It is also recommended that any tickets for ferries be booked in advance. During busy weekends or the holiday season, it is common for the ferry to Macau to be overbooked. Those who have planned their journey and know the estimated time at which they wish to travel should purchase their tickets in advance.

Note that in Hong Kong, eating on the train or in the station is prohibited. Those caught could face a fine or penalty. Remember that once you have swiped your card, all food should go away.

If you are planning on traveling to Hong Kong as an Indian national, apply for your Honk Kong eVisa online using a quick application form process.