Common Mistakes When Requesting PAR

common mistakes when requesting par

PAR is the Pre Arrival Registration which Hong Kong requires that Indian nationals complete before traveling, in order to enjoy visa-free entry for up to 14 days. PAR is easy to apply for by filling in the simple application form online and approval is immediate.

Nevertheless, a small number of people have their PAR rejected and there are reports that rejections have increased in recent years. Find out the most common mistakes in the PAR application that people make and avoid rejection of the Pre Arrival Registration.

Basic Requirements to Apply for the PAR

The first thing is to ensure that you meet the basic PAR requirements:

  • You must have an Indian passport that is valid for at least 6 months
  • You must not intend to stay in Hong Kong for longer than 14 days
  • There must not be a reason why the Hong Kong authorities would wish to reject you (i.e. appearing on their databases or giving inappropriate responses to the questions)

Information Required on the Application Form

You will be asked to give the following information when applying for the PAR:

  • Passport details – Name on the passport, number, issue and expiry dates etc
  • Contact details – You will need to provide an email address at which to receive the PAR
  • Address -The authorities will want to know your address in India
  • Employment information – This is to help ensure that you are not coming to Hong Kong to look for work
  • Travel information – Basic details about your travel plans in Hong Kong
  • Previous visits to Hong Kong and to other countries – This is to look for any unusual travel patterns that might be a cause of concern. It includes questions about whether you have ever committed a criminal offense or been refused entry to Hong Kong. If you have committed a minor offense, this does not mean automatic denial of entry, but it is important to be honest to avoid problems

Make sure you double-check all the information that you have entered on the application form. The most common reason for rejection is simply that people have made small mistakes when applying. The information must be completely accurate as well as being identical to the details on your travel document.

If your PAR application is rejected then you have the right to request that it be reconsidered. If you are then rejected a second time then you will need to apply for a standard visitor visa on the Hong Kong government’s website. This may take up to one month to be processed and there will be a fee of 190 HKD.

Things To Remember If Your Application Is Successful

If your application is successful, as in the majority of cases, then you must remember to print at least 1 copy of the PAR slip to present to immigration authorities upon arrival in Hong Kong. This must be on A4 paper and only printed on one side and not using reduced print. The immigration officials will check that the information on the slip is exactly the same as on your passport before allowing you to gain entry to Hong Kong.