Common Mistakes When Requesting PAR

common mistakes when requesting par

PAR is the pre-arrival registration which Hong Kong requires that Indian nationals complete before travelling, in order to enjoy visa-free entry for up to 14 days. PAR is easy to apply for by filling in the simple application form online and approval is immediate.

Nevertheless, a small number of people have their PAR rejected and there are reports that rejections have increased in recent years. Find out the most common mistakes in the PAR application that people make and ensure that your pre-arrival registration has the best chance of being approved.

Why Was My Hong Kong Pre-Arrival Registration Rejected?

There are various reasons why an application for the Hong Kong PAR may be rejected.

One of the most common mistakes is making a spelling error. Types in the applicant’s name or personal details, such as an incorrect place of birth, can cause the PAR application to be delayed or even outright rejected.

Errors in the passport number are an easy mistake to make since this is a combination of digits rather than a word. Applicants should take extra care when entering this information and double-check that all the numbers are correct and in the right order.

Additionally, applicants should excise caution adding in other passport information such as the place of issue. Small mistakes in the spelling of the location of approval can easily lead to rejection.

Mistakes in contact details, particularly the applicant’s email address, could result in the PAR application being approved but never reaching the traveller.

Any traveller with a history of involvement in serious criminal activity or who appears on Hong Kong’s watchlists as a security risk may find their pre-arrival registration denied.

Registering With A Different Passport

One mistake that can cause problems after the initial PAR application is successful is trying to enter the HKSAR with a different passport from the one that was used in the application.

When completing pre-arrival registration for Hong Kong, the traveller must register a valid Indian passport. The PAR is linked to this passport.

If the passport is lost, stolen, or damaged, or if, for any reason, the traveller has had to replace it, they must reapply for the PAR using the new passport.

If an Indian citizen arrives at the Hong Kong border with a passport that does not have a valid PAR linked to it, they will not be allowed to enter, even if they have a valid PAR linked to an old passport.

Basic Requirements to Apply for the PAR

The first thing is to ensure that you meet the basic PAR requirements:

  • You must have an Indian passport that is valid for at least 6 months
  • You must not intend to stay in Hong Kong for longer than 14 days
  • There must not be a reason why the Hong Kong authorities would wish to reject you (i.e. appearing on their databases or giving inappropriate responses to the questions).

Information Required on the Application Form

There are numerous mandatory fields (*) on the registration page which must be filled in correctly. You will be asked to give the following information when applying for the PAR:

  • Name -Must be written in English
  • Alias (if any)
  • Sex
  • Maritial Status
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Passport details – Name on the passport, number, date and place of issue and expiry dates, etc.
  • Contact details – You will need to provide an email address to which the approved PAR can be sent
  • Residential Address– The authorities will want to know your address in India
  • Contact Telephone Number

Make sure you double-check all the information that you have entered on the application form. The most common reason for rejection is simply that people have made small mistakes when applying. The information must be completely accurate as well as being identical to the details on your travel document.

You will also need to select and answer one of the pre-determined identity questions before completing the form. This allows applicants to access and print their completed PAR following approval.

If your PAR application is unsuccessful then you have the right to request that it be reconsidered. In the event that a second PAR application is rejected, you will still have the option of applying for a consular visa for Hong Kong. This may take up to one month to be processed and there will be a fee of 190 HKD.

In most cases, pre-arrival registration for Hong Kong is approved quickly without any problems and is the easiest way for the majority of Indian citizens to visit the special administrative region.

Things To Remember If Your Application Is Successful

If your application is successful, as in the majority of cases, then you must remember to print at least 1 copy of the PAR slip to present to immigration authorities upon arrival in Hong Kong. This must be on A4 paper and only printed on one side and not using reduced print. The immigration officials will check that the information on the slip is exactly the same as on your passport before allowing you to gain entry to Hong Kong.