PAR Application

Hong Kong e-Visa Application form


Indian citizens who wish to travel to Hong Kong for stays of up to 14 days should register online for the PAR Hong Kong. If the traveller wishes to stay for a longer period they should apply for a Hong Kong Visa at their nearest Chinese consulate or embassy.

How to apply for a Hong Kong Visa?

Citizens of 170 countries and territories may travel to Hong Kong without a visa and can stay for periods of 7 to up to 180 days, this is determined by the traveller’s nationality and the agreements established between the Government of Hong Kong with other countries.

Some countries such as Cambodia, Armenia and Senegal are required to apply for a Hong Kong visa at a consulate or embassy. They must provide a Hong Kong visa application form along with supporting documents that demonstrate that they have sufficient funds for their trip and that they are good abiding citizens.

Hong Kong PAR Application

Hong Kong par application

Indian nationals, however, can apply for a Hong Kong online visa called the PAR. The government created the Pre-arrival registration to facilitate travel for citizens of India. Since January 2017 Indian citizens can apply online for their Hong Kong PAR.

To apply for a Hong Kong online visa or the PAR Hong Kong the applicant should have an Indian passport with a minimum validity of six months. This can be used for multiple visits of 2 weeks at a time to the Special Administrative Region for the duration of the PAR’s 6-month validity.

Hong Kong Visa Application Requirements

In order to obtain the Hong Kong Online Visa or Hong Kong PAR, to visit the HKSAR or make a stopover in Hong Kong, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant must be an Indian citizen and hold an Indian passport with a validity of at least six months.
  • The applicant intends to transit or visit Hong Kong for a stay of up to 14 days.

It should be noted that if the applicant, an Indian citizen, will not leave the transit area at the Hong Kong airport, they do not have to apply for the Hong Kong Online Visa.

The PAR Hong Kong does not apply to Indian citizens who have a valid permit to stay in the HKSAR for employment, study or residence. The Hong Kong PAR application is only available to Indian nationals who are traveling to Hong Kong for tourism or transit purposes.

The Indian Passport used during the application process must be the same one with which the holder enters Hong Kong or the Pre-arrival registration will not be accepted. While the PAR remains valid, the holder will not be able to reapply for another until their current authorization has expired.

Applicants of the Hong Kong PAR must be able to print their online visa for Hong Kong. Before embarking on their trip to Hong Kong, the traveller may be asked to present the printed copy of their Hong Kong PAR along with their passport. Upon arrival, PAR holders will have to show their valid online visa and their passport.


Hong Kong PAR Form

The Hong Kong PAR form is a straightforward online document that can be completed within minutes. The applicant, an Indian citizen travelling to Hong Kong, will be asked to provide personal details and their passport information.

To successfully complete the Hong Kong PAR form the applicant should provide the following information:

  1. Surname and given name in English
  2. Date and place of birth
  3. Gender
  4. Passport details: number, issuing date and expiry date
  5. Contact info: email address and a telephone number

When completing the online form for the Hong Kong PAR, the applicant should choose their purpose of visit which can be a leisure visit, family visit, business visit, or transit. For clarity purposes, a PAR holder cannot be used to work in Hong Kong.

Once all the fields are correctly completed, the applicant can proceed to answer a series of mandatory questions. The questions found on the Hong Kong PAR form are relevant security questions that have to be answered honestly.

After the applicant has completed the form, they can review their application and make the respective payment. Once the PAR application has been processed by the government, the applicant will receive their approved online visa for Hong Kong in their email address. Before their trip, they must print the Hong Kong PAR to present before departure and upon arrival.

It is absolutely essential that all the information in the applicant’s PAR corresponds exactly with the data in their Indian passport. They must also only travel to Hong Kong with the registered travel document used during the application process.